miss world! xo (drivel) wrote in philly_metal,
miss world! xo

The barbary this week!!

Crawlspace Wednesday Hot Zombie Chicks Theme
September 28th-
Complaint Department, Unisex Bicycle, Buzzard, Resin, This Kills & Kablammo
$5 cover

The Ladies vs. Blood Thirsty Thursday TRUE METAL!!!!!
September 29th-
Mastermind and Kandela VS. Blankly, Divinity Destroyed, & Dark Waters
$5 cover

Friday Filth Rockabilly
September 30th-
The New Minority, Bloody Crackdown, The Rockin 69s & Graveyard Rumblers
$7 cover

The Barbary Saloon located at 915 Frankford & Delaware Ave. [Philadelphia] & open from 9pm to 2am. All events are 21+ & you MUST bring your ID.
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